Used Range Rover Alloy Wheels

If you own a Range Rover Vogue, Discovery or Sport you’ll probably be glad to find out that your vehicle is capable of taking alloy wheels up to 22” in diameter! However, these huge alloys come at a price, a very expensive price. Buying genuine Range Rover alloy wheels from a main dealer could easily set you back around £5,000 a set which is out of most people’s budget. There is a way around this though, and that’s by purchasing used Range Rover alloy wheels.

No matter what model of a Range Rover that you own, you’ll more than likely be able to pick up a good set of used alloy wheels for it right here on our site. The list below is a huge list of all types of used alloy wheels so you shouldn’t have any problems finding alloys for a certain type of Range Rover. As you can see from the list, most of the sets that we’ve listed only cost a few hundred pound although there are some quality used Range Rover alloy wheels on the list that cost a couple of thousand pound too. It all depends on what you’re looking for from a set of alloy wheels really, so try to make up your mind about what types of alloys that you want and then start looking for them on the list that’s below.

Used Alloy Wheels for Range Rover by model

Range Rover Discovery - Range Rover Vogue - Range Rover Sport - Range Rover Evoque

range rover wheels and tyres £200.00

Range Rover Sport 20 Alloy Wheels And Tyres 255 55 20 £349.00

Genuine OE Range Rover 21 101 Diamond Alloy Wheels With Pirelli Tyres 7mm tread £995.00

Range Rover Classic OEM Freestyle Tornado Type Alloy Wheels 235 70 16 New Tyres £100.00

Land Rover Range Rover 20 Inch Wheels And Tyres L405 And Sport £349.00

Classic Genuine Range Rover Alloy Wheels and Excellent Tyres X 5 £230.00


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Upgrading your Range Rover’s alloy wheels has never been easier! Just click on the “view details” button beside each set of used Range Rover alloys and then you’ll be able to buy them within a matter of minutes. After this, the alloys should be delivered to your door within just a couple of days! It really is as simple as that!

Before buying, see our Buying Guide for tips on how to get the best wheels for your money!