Every single Porsche that you’ve ever seen was fitted with alloy wheels from day one, even the very first Boxster’s had 16” wheels fitted as standard! Nowadays, the more recent Porsche models come with 19” alloys as standard which is quite impressive. However, some people would rather have a better set of alloy wheels on their Porsche, but there is one problem that many people have when they want to do this – they simple can’t afford to buy brand new Porsche alloy wheels from a main dealer.

There’s a solution to this problem though. All you’ve got to do is take a look at the used Porsche alloy wheels that we’ve listed below to see if any of them are of any interest to you. There are loads of different used sets of Porsche alloy wheels available, from 17” alloys all the way up to 19”. We recommend that you only purchase used original Porsche alloy wheels so that you will not compromise the quality of the handling that Porsche cars are known for with cheap imitations. If you own a great vehicle such as a Porsche you definitely don’t want to run something that’s so vital (like its handling!) by buying really cheap alloy wheels.

Used Alloy Wheels for Porsche by model

993 - 996 - 997 - GT2 - GT3 - Targa - 911 Turbo - 944 - Boxster - Cayenne - Cayman - Panamera

Porsche Cup 1 Alloy Wheels And Tyres 944 964 911 £200.00

20 porsche classic wheels £200.00

Porsche 996 997 19 Alloy Wheels Dub Vag 11j 85j Turbo Cayman Boxster Cayenne £295.00

Porsche Cup 1 17 alloy wheels non oem with 4x Michelin Pilot Sport N2 tyres £375.00

Porsche Boxster Alloy Wheels £799.00


porsche teledial alloy wheels 15 x 7 et 523 944 924 vw beetle £150.00

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Obviously used Porsche alloy wheels are a good bit more expensive than most other alloy wheels, but they are still well cheaper than what you’d pay if you were to buy them straight from a dealer. You won’t have too much of a problem to pick up a nice set of used alloys for your Porsche for a few hundred pounds which isn’t too bad considering that they would probably be closer to £3,000 from a dealer!

For some great tips on buying used Porsche alloy wheels, see our Buyers Guide.