Used Fiat Alloy Wheels

If you own a Fiat car there’s a good chance that your car currently has steel wheels which can be quite ugly at times. Let’s face it; we would all would like our car to look nice so why not replace these with some nice shiny alloy wheels? Nice alloy wheels don’t have to cost a fortune despite what you may have heard because you can buy used Fiat alloy wheels which means that you’ll get them a fraction of the normal price that they sell for! There are used Fiat alloy wheels that will fit just about any Fiat model so you should be able to find a set of alloys that are perfect for your car on the list below.

Even if you have a good set of alloy wheels on your car at the moment you can still use the list below to upgrade your alloys. As you can see from the list, there are some used Fiat alloy wheels that cost less than £100 while there are others that cost £500+ so it’s completely up to you to decide how much you want to spend. The top of the range alloys that are around £500+ would sell for more than double that price if they were brand new so it really is worth buying them second hand if you get lucky enough to find a nice set of used alloys that you like.

Used Alloy Wheels for Fiat by model

Bravo - Cinquecento - Croma - Doblo - Ducato - Punto - Stilo


Fiat seicento alloy wheels £60.00

Fiat Abarth 595 Alloy wheels 8 spoke Anthracite with Tyres Immaculate £380.00

Fiat Doblo Punto Hgt 15 Alloy Wheels £120.00

Cromodora lanciafiat Alloy wheels £45.00

Fiat punto 2004 alloy wheels and tyres £80.00

Fiat Punto Wheels And Tyres £100.00

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As always, it’s important to note that you should be a bit careful when buying anything online so take your time to find a good seller so that you know that you’ll be getting a good deal by purchasing used Fiat alloy wheels.